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Pet News For Kirkcaldy

Read any of the stories below and you’ll instantly be able to benefit from a wealth of seasonal advice from Hannah and the rest of our veterinary care team, as well as being able to find out about what’s going on at the practice. We update these pages at least monthly so it’s always worth checking back to get our latest stories and advice.

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This month's news

What to expect when your rabbit’s expecting


If you’re thinking of breeding your rabbit, you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared for the pregnancy and beyond.
Everything you need to know about cats in heat


If you have a young female cat, you may want to consider neutering. Visit our nurses at Kirkcaldy for advice.
Neutering dogs: what you need to know


If you’re thinking of having your dog neutered, book a consultation by calling 01592 641333.

Other recent news

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Find out how to prevent dental problems in cats

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Doggy dental checks in Kirkcaldy

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Make a safer garden for your rabbit

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A dog with a bandage on his leg being held by two children at our Kirkcaldy practice