Diane Wilson – This vet isn’t just in it for the money - I called this morning to say that my dog isn’t putting weight on one of his back legs. Rather than tell me to come in and charge me a fortune in fees, the nurse asked a few general health and lifestyle questions and told me just to let Fred rest over the weekend. She booked us a provisional app for Monday in case he’s still limping!! I’m pleased to say he seems tip-top now and appreciate that I didn’t have to fork out on unnecessary consultations! Thank you.

Caring vets and support staff

Ali Hay – All the Vets and support staff are amazing - you really feel that they care about the animals that they treat, and appreciate that our fur babies are so special to us.

Top emergency care for cat

Sheila Brewer – They saved our cat, Lilly’s, life. If it weren’t for Albavet Hospital I know she would not be here now. Excellent service. All staff - extremely efficient, kind and supportive.

Cardiology service

We offer a broad range of advanced cardiorespiratory and internal medicine diagnostics.

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Acupuncture & Pain Clinic

Our pain relief and acupuncture clinic is one of the very few facilities of its kind in Scotland.

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